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Microprocessor Controlled SSR Mounted Phase Angle Control Module

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SSRMAN-1P SSR mount phase angle control card

  • Provides true linear power output phase angle control
  • Small (1.75x1.40”) module mounts on the input terminals of an SSR
  • Command input accepts 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-135 Ohm, Pot, PWM
  • Configurable line voltage compensation increases stability of your process
  • Configurable soft start for high inrush loads
  • Automatic 50/60Hz operation
  • Adjustable Voltage Limit (-VL) Option
  • Drives multiple SSRs ( solid state relays )
  • Single phase and three phase control

Turns an inexpensive Solid State Relay into a low cost SCR Power Control

The microprocessor based SSRMAN-1P phase angle control module is designed for use in a broad range of power control applications using a solid state relay.  The SSRMAN-1P mounts directly on the input terminals of an SSR and converts it into a low cost phase angle controller by providing true linear power control of the load via the SSR's logic input.  Using the SSRMAN-1P with the appropriate SSR for your load will provide a modular feature packed high isolation SCR power control at a very low price.  

The SSRMAN-1P's output power is proportional to the command input which can be selected from eight different industry standard inputs.    User configurable features such as Soft Start, Line Voltage Compensation and Voltage Limit make the SSRMAN-1P a perfect fit for any phase angle power control application.  Soft start is especially useful on high inrush loads such as Quartz, Molybdenum, Tungsten, or Graphite heaters.  The SSRMAN-1P's Line Voltage Compensation forces the output power to track changes in line voltage and acts as an efficient feedforward control mechanism which will make any process more stable.  Soft Start and Line Voltage Compensation can be set on or off using the configuration dipswitch.  Voltage Limit is set via a potentiometer and will limit the voltage on your load by limiting the maximum phase angle allowed on the output.  The SSRMAN-1P phase angle control module must be used with non-zero crossing, random fire solid state relays.  The SSRMAN-1P will not operate properly with zero cross fired solid state relays.


SSRMAN-1P-HR SSR Mount Phase Angle Control Module, Volts, mA Input, Pot
SSRMAN-1P-HR-VL SSR Mount Phase Control Module, Volts, mA Input, Pot, Voltage Limit Option
SSRMAN-1P-HR-135 SSR Mount Phase Angle Control Module, 0-135 Ohm Input
SSRMAN-1P-HR-XSS SSR Mount Phase Angle Control Module, Softstart time in seconds
SSRMAN-1P-HR-XSC SSR Mount Phase Angle Control Module, Softchange time in seconds
90-T40F3 current transformer
Control transformer is sold separately.

Low Power Level Output Waveform
Low startup voltages without "jump starting" for smooth soft starting

Full Output Power Waveform
Excellent output saturation

Half Power Waveform
Linearized output, very low DC unbalance

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View SSRMAN-1P User's Manual